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20 Ways to be an Outstanding Staff

1. Be at work on time
2. Avoid eye service
3. Don’t argue with your boss
4. Follow instructions
5. Stick to the schedule
6. Give sincere and diligent service
7. Get along with others
8. Be cheerful and helpful
9. Don’t look for shortcuts
10. Take criticism wisely
11. Don’t be a lazy drone
12. Drop your problems at home
13. Take pride in your job
14. Don’t envy those ahead of you
15. Don’t demand reward for every service rendered
16. Share your experience with others
17. Train your subordinates and take responsibility for their wrongs
18. Take responsibility for all your actions
19. Give official documentation a priority
20. Above all, be honest.
21. Don’t take what is not yours
22. Develop yourself and your skills on the job and think wisely

Have a great day today

HR Manager

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