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Organizational Development & Change Management

The success or failure of organisational change rests not only on accurate identification of the problem and successful reduction of resistance to change, but also on the appropriateness of the selected strategy for implementing change.

At Global Plus Gh. Ltd., our standby professionals and consultants, support our valued clients to plan and select the appropriate strategy needed to effectively implement organizational change. This is to avoid resistance from employees. We advise our clients technically on structural approaches to the following:

  • change & development
  • technological approaches to change
  • and people centred approaches to change

Our operational module in relation to Organizational changes & development encompasses the following:

1. Structural Changes

We advise our clients on making changes in the design of work to permit more specialization or job enrichment.

  • We clarify job descriptions and role expectations for employees
  • We alter the basis of departmentalization (changing from a functional organisation to a departmental system based on products for example)
  • We either increase or decrease the span of control and therefore the height of the hierarchy
  • we modify the organisation’s existing manuals and its description of policies and procedures
  • We clarify coordination mechanisms such as policies & procedures
  • We advise on changing the power structure moving from a centralised to a decentralised pattern of authority for example

Technological Changes

We advise our client to make alterations in the organisations prevailing technology by :

  • Altering the techniques used for doing work in order to change worker-machine relations ( human factors engineering)
  • Changing the equipment used in introduction of robots on an assembly line.
  • Modifying production methods such as shifting from an assembly line methods to an autonomous work group method.
  • We modify the organisation’s existing manuals and its description of policies and procedures.
  • Changing engineering processes such as introducing microprocessors or computers into a product to replace more cumbersome or less reliable mechanical equipment.

Our principal aim for advising our clients on technological changes, is to improve technology or work methods. This leads to more efficient operations, increased productivity and improved working conditions.

People Centred-Approaches to Organizational Change

Our strategies aimed at changing people tend to emphasize on improving employee skills, attitudes or motivation. It is our believe that, if people can be changed in some way, they will work harder to achieve the organisations goals
Before a change can occur, we advise our clients to create a need for a change by :

  • Communicating a perceived deficiency to employees and a desire to see improvement
  • We unfreeze the employees after creating a perceived deficiency. An employee who has perceived a deficiency is motivated to attempt a new pattern of behaviour. Motivation can be achieved by either increasing the pressure to change or by reducing some of the threats or resistance to change
  • We then advise our client on the actual change by presenting the new pattern of behaviour to employees to adopt through training and communication
  • We help employees of our clients through training to identify with the new organisational values and also to exhibit these values by posing organisational problems that requires those new attitudes to solve the problems
  • We help employees to refreeze by having refresher courses, quarterly seminars and workshops to ensure that changed attitudes are integrated into their personality in such a way that, they become part of the employee’s way of thinking
  • We also design and implement a reward system to help keep motivation at peak levels when employees get rewarded for exhibiting new attitudes and values

Our principal aim in advising our client on technological changes is that improved technology or work methods leads to more efficient operations, increased productivity and improved working conditions.

Service 2

Redundancy & Organisational Downsizing

Where an organisational change implementation is envisaged to have an adverse effect on the employment of a number of employees; we advise our clients on the legal implications and how to work within the confines of the labour law to ensure that the effects are minimised on employees. This is by helping them to get alternate jobs, outsourcing them to other organisations and also helping to negotiate an exit package for the affected employees within the confines of the law.

We also offer training, guidance and counselling to affected employees of downsizing or redundancy to ensure that they are emotionally stable to move on to other careers. In cases where affected employees have obsolete skills, we train them on other employable skills that can

Performance Management Process

We advise our client and help to design and implement an appropriate measurable system that can track and monitor the performance of employees against set objectives and key performance indicators of the job.

Our operational module involves

Topics include but are not limited to the following

  • Reviewing job descriptions to bring more clarity of purpose, specific, measurable and time bound
  • We design performance indicators that are tired to rewards
  • We communicate and train employees on new system for measuring performance and help them to sign performance contracts

Training & Career Development

In a competitive market, training is a matter of survival. Global Plus Gh. Ltd. training department offers training courses and development programmes that focuses on improving the skills of the employees of our clients to facilitate the smooth running of the Business.Our programmes can be customised to suit our clients company’s needs and can be offered exclusively for clients at their own premises. Our priority is the enhancement of employees performance and a direct positive effect on productivity

Our operational module involves

Topics include but are not limited to the following

  • Time, Stress and conflict management
  • Effective leadership & people management
  • How to build an effective leadership organisation
  • Effective communication in a diverse corporate organisation
  • Redefining customer service & customer relations management
  • Organisational culture and behaviourGlobal Plus Gh. Ltd.

Payroll Administration

At the request of our Clients, we can process staff salaries to their respective banks, pay PAYE,SSNIT contributions and other deductions on behalf of our client on monthly basis for a small fee.

Industrial Relations & Trade Union Negotiations

We are experts in negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements on behalf of our clients with representatives of Trade Unions within the industry of operation to ensure that, our client is not exploited by unnecessary demands from the unions and their representatives within the confines of the labour law

Employment Contracts

We develop comprehensive employment contracts for our clients that cover all aspects of the labour law, to ensure that our client and its business are protected from unnecessary labour issues coming from employees.

HR Manuals & Policy Development

We design and implement appropriate business manuals, policies and procedures for our client in line with labour law provisions to ensure that, employees work within the confines of the law and also deliver to the expectations of the business. We make use of global frameworks to localise policies to suit the business of our client.

HR Strategy Development

We help our client to align its corporate vision and objectives to the key performance indicators of the business by designing an appropriate people strategy that will be cascaded from top to the bottom of the business to all employees to help deliver their job descriptions in line with expectations of the business to boost productivity and growth

Operational Module

  • We develop organisational values for the business (deriving from the corporate vision and mission of the company) to help establish an organisational culture for the employees
  • We design and implement an appropriate performance management system that has the values imbedded in them for the organisation
  • We design and implement a rewards system that is aligned to the performance management system and organisational culture of the business

The strategy when ready is communicated to all employees in series of training sessions and a start date for implementation is initiated