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Corporate Values

Core Values (AERT)

Global Plus recognizes that lives are the centre of focus of every business. The well-being of lives and their comfort is therefore our prime concern. To this end, we are committed to showing genuine concern and care for human life and strive to maintain a culture which imbibes our core values in our operations.

Appreciation of Economic Diversity

We understand the reasonable variations in the economic status of individuals and as such provide solutions that are varied and customized to suit diverse Ghanaians and clients.


We strive towards excellence in our service delivery and operations. To this end we invest in up to date research, state of the art technology in our constant moil to operate in the sustained and best interest of the client and while urging to become the first choice solutions provider.

Respect for Humanity

Foremost in our operations is the recognition that, human lives are precious and deserving of utmost care and safety. We ensure that, in all our operations, protection and wellbeing of lives are accorded unreserved consideration.

Team Work

We coordinate with our stakeholders, consultants and our clients in determining the success and sustenance of our business.